• Luxury transportation

    Mercedes S-class W222
  • Cars for 4+1 people

    Škoda Superb 3. Generation Combi
  • Cars for 8+1 people

    Ford Tourneo Custom L2 Titanium

About us

Who we are

Luxury Passenger Transport Service

Welcome to the website of a new company based in Prague, dealing with passenger and multi-seat passenger cars.

We offer transportation for up to 8 people with new FORD TOURNEO CUSTOM, VW TRANSPORTER, in extra equipment. We will take you to your chosen destination, take care of your clients, pick them up and take them to your chosen destination.

We also offer you a transfer to a heliport located in Prague 4, from where you can continue your business trip or just discover the beauty of the Czech Republic. Republic from a height. We will be happy to arrange this service for you according to your specific requirements.


Our cars

4+1 transportation

Škoda Superb 3. Generation Combi

8+1 transportation

Ford Tourneo Custom L2 Titanium


1+1 or 3+1 helicopters

Luxury 4+1 transportation

Mercedes S-class W222


What do we offer

Airport transport

Including international airports in Germany and Austria. Travel to the international airport comfortably without having to carry luggage by train or bus or long and expensive airport parking.

Cars for 8+1 people

We will transport more passengers at once with one car, including all your luggage. Convenient transportation to save more car costs.

Mediation of bus transport

If you need to transport a large number of passengers, we will provide you with a convenient bus service from our contractual partners.

Helicopter transportation

We offer helicopter transport to our most demanding clients, both sightseeing flights and transport to your destination. Helicopter transport is not just about the experience, the advantage over land transport is a much higher speed, which saves you a lot of time.

Excursions in the Czech Republic and abroad

Take a look at tips for trips to interesting places. Our cars will take you to your place, and when you have enough experience, we will transport you safely.


Our prices

TransportationMercedes S-class Long Tourneo CustomŠkoda Superb III
Prague center – airport11901090690
Transfer in Prague900800400
Rent 1 hour in Prague900900600
Airport – Helliport P-411001100900
1 hour wait400300300
Prague – Munich840078007400
Prague – Berlin820078007200
Prague – Vienna 800076006800
Prague – Bratislava 850080007500
Prague – Brno580052004600
Transport Prague – destination – Prague
Český Krumlov580052004600
Mariánské Lázně480044003800
Karlovy Vary420038003200
Hluboká nad Vltavou540048004000
1 hour wait400400300

Prices are in CZK, VAT not included


Write us

In case you are requesting our services via the contact form, please state the number of people transported, the date and time of the journey, the telephone contact and where you need to get there.

Luxury Passenger Transport Service s.r.o.

U Lesa 298

252 45 Zvole

Czech Republic

+420 606 586 538